OpenSloMo is a free broadcasting slow motion Replay software. It is made for those who do not want to pay for a professional slowmo devices like EVS but who want to have the same functions in their environment. OpenSloMo may be run on any fast enough Windows 7X64 based PC. It is very versatile software. It gives you a chance to start using it in small hardware configuration for 1 channel recording with an ability to upgrade your environment later for 2/3/4 channels recording as and when you wish so. OpenSloMo uses modified stable CasparCG server, so you may record and playback your replays via SDI or HDMI cards of your choise.

Basic functions and possibilities of OpenSloMo:

  • It can record 1, 2, 3 or 4 SDI/HDMI channels and output the results to SDI/HDMI and(or) to the screen during recording.
  • You may see all your recording streams simultaneously while choosing the episode to replay.
  • You can choose the speed of an episode to replay.
  • You can change the speed during playback to create more beutiful and dynamic and
  • You can choose the best view between all recorded streams to playback.
  • There are up to 8 slots to save, load and playback the moments, so you may save the moment to a memory slot to load, edit or playback it later by pressing only one button.
  • There is a playlist function for your save slots, so you may create a playlist of replays to playback them one-by-one.
  • You may show replay sign and transitions before and after the episode/playlist.
  • Almost all functions are binded to the keybord, so you may use the keyboard and mouse.
  • Program supports MIDI input devices to control almost all the functions of OpenSloMo.
  • You may see the space left in you media hard drive right in the program window.

OpenSloMo is made for you! Just try and you'll see the difference between free versatile OpenSloMo and usual solutions!