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Monday, 06 April 2015 12:26


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The latest binaries:

The latest modified stable CasparCG 2.0.7M2:

OpenSloMo 1.0B:

Media archieve:

CasparCG config files examples:


Elder binaries: 

Modified stable CasparCG 2.0.7M:

Modified CasparCG 2.0.7b4:

Modified CasparCG 2.0.3b:

OpenSloMo 0.9B client:

OpenSloMo 0.8B2 client:

OpenSloMo 0.8B client:

OpenSloMo 0.7RC client:

OpenSloMo 0.6RC client:

OpenSloMo 0.5b client:

OpenSloMo 0.4b client:

OpenSloMo 0.3b client:

 PS: This page is made for you to download free slow motion software - OpenSloMo.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014 03:00

To do

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Here is a list of OpenSloMo featured fixes and functions:

  1. Add the "Next" button to stop current episode and start the next one while playing the playlist
  2. Fix stopping current episode behavior when speed is set to 0
  3. Add PSEUDO output device if there is no other output devices in the list
  4. Add the ability to choose preferred recording option: libvlc, ffmpeg or CasparCG
  5. Option to change delay after transition
  6. Add labels of the current time and start/stop time points of episode
  7. Fix folder usage
  8. Fix undefined space left
  9. Add an ability to change Source during playback
  10. Mark active playing playlist Slot

OpenSloMo 1.0B (2015.11.20). Done:

  1. Add an ability to export and import midi signals data to/from files (to not set it each time)
  2. Start screen and decklink consumers from client instead of caspar.config (not need it anymore)
  3. Change speed control from list to slider
  4. Everythin else is here:

OpenSloMo 0.9B (2015.05.22). Done:

  1. Added ability to use MIDI pitch bend controls
  2. Added an ability to change Speed during playback
  3. Added an ability to change playback speed with PITCH_BEND
  4. Added an ability to set main slider position with PITCH_BEND
  5. Fixed early stopped playbacks
  6. Fixed program crashes in playlist mode
  7. Fixed openSloMo working after Caspar's restarting

Before OpenSloMo 0.9B (before 2015.05.22). Already done:

  1. Add an ability to use some shuttle pad device
  2. Add ability to use input MIDI devices
  3. Split recording and playback options
  4. Fix synchro between players
  5. Make all interface elements visible
  6. Fix players blinking while fast forward/rewind
  7. Fix the Replay and Transition speed
  8. Fix a new opened grid window in CasparCG
  9. Create new ffmpeg producer with an ability to choose a delay between frames in CasparCG
  10. Add a begin and end flags and color markers of the chosen fragment in SeekSlider
  11. Add a label to the chosen view
  12. Add more resolutions for recording
  13. Fix Fullscreen for to not adjust to a window size
  14. Change maximum value of main window's vertical size
  15. Make all elements of interface to be not moveable
  16. Add an oportunity to load an episode or change an input file to continue working even while something is going out.
  17. Make everything to work correct with non-50FPS files
  18. Remove unnecessary commands for playing, pausing and stopping files directly from the library
  19. Add new button for clearing the output channel
  20. Make a loaded from a slot file active in the library for to know what is loaded
  21. Remove unnecessary devices list from settings

 If you wish something to be fixed, changed or added to the project just write it down in the commentaries below.