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OpenSloMo 0.7RC and CasparCG 2.0.7M2

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There are a lot of changes in new OpenSloMo 0.7RC.

New versions of OpenSloMo (0.7RC) client and CasparCG (2.0.7M2) server are ready. OpenSloMo has a lot of changes while CasparCG has only a fix of Loadbg command.

Here is a list of changes in 0.7RC:

  • New interface and new interface elements.
  • Save slots are now shown with all the details.
  • Save slots are added one-by-one to not use screen place without a need. If you have only one save and want to save something to the 8-th slot, results will be written to the 2-nd one.
  • Fixed single channel setup bug. Sometimes it had a problem with output stream.
  • Fixed keyboard locking problem while in Settings menu.
  • Added check for not full path value in caspar.config.
  • "Space left" of media hard drive is added to the interface. Sometimes it is very important to know it.
  • "Space left" is autosynchronized with the program's setup. So, autosynchronize is set to Enabled by default.
  • Added a Playlist element to the interface. You may append save slots there by pressing a button and playback the whole playlist by pressing "Play Playlist" button. "Estimated time" and new "Total time" elements are counted through all the playlist elements. 
  • Fixed error that crashed program when space characters were used in the media files names.
  • Fixed program behavior when server is down.

You are welcome to leave your comments below.

Next release most probably will have an ability to choose replay speed by slider instead of fixed speed values and I'll try to add an ability to change playback speed during playing out.

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