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OpenSloMo 0.8B

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Beta version of OpenSloMo with MIDI support is ready.

Today I want to share a new version of OpenSloMo replay machine with MIDI input devices support. A lot of users ask for this ability and some of them even helped me to buy Behringer CMD PL-1 for this to happen. So, now you may try it.

This version support 2 types of MIDI controls: NOTEs and CONTINUOUS controllers. Each of them may be binded to the specific and different system functions. As an example continuous controller signals may be binded only to the fast forward/rewind functions.

You may set your devices, catch it's MIDI signals and bind it to the internal functions in the Settings menu.
I have only one device, so I've tested everything only with it. But the software must work correctly with multiple devices simultaneously.

Those, who has Behringer CMD PL-1 and who just wants to try it, you may download my test bindings from here: , put it to the C:\Users\YOUR_USER\.casparcg\openslomo folder and start the program. Then you'll be able to use first 4 rotation controls and big touch wheel to fast forward/rewind, SYNC and TAP to set start/stop points, PLAY to play players etc, LOAD to reload current video, 1-8 buttons to play saved episodes etc...

The program is available in the Downloads page. Let me know the results of your tests in the comments below or in the Feedback page!

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