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Fixed OpenSloMo 0.8B2

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Fixed version of OpenSloMo with less CPU usage and 59.94FPS support. Future updates.

I want to share a new fixed OpenSloMo 0.8B2. It has only 2 improvements:

1. Less CPU usage during ingesting.
2. Fixed support of files with 59.94 (and may be others) frame rate. 

I made some research regarding high CPU usage during recording and discovered some strange behavior. First of all I've found that Caspar server doesn't use default best performance parameters (-crf 5 -preset ultrafast -tune fastdecode) when you use ANY FFMPEG OPTION. So, if you need to set g=1, r=50 or anything else, you must set all the parameters you need for the best performance. Second strange thing is the warning "invalid option" that you see when use "crf", "preset" and some other parameters. Even when Caspar shows this error it uses it! It is strange but you may check it by yourself.

As a result, OpenSloMo 0.8B2 needs 20-30% less CPU than before. So, I would recommend you to update the client. Especially if you you it for recording your video.

The program is available in the Downloads page. You may always let me know the results of your tests in the comments below or in the Feedback page!

And I have found one way to change camera during playback without blinking and black screen. So, one of the next releases most probably will have this ability.

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