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OpenSloMo 1.0

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OpenSloMo 1.0 is realsed!

New OpenSloMo 1.0B is ready. You can download it in the Downloads page.

Here is a list of the biggest changes:

  1. OpenSloMo 1.0 now captures and records video by itself.
  2. There is new tab in Settings dialog where you can setup capturing and recording options for each device. At last you may change recording preset (ultrafast as default) and quality (0 – lossless, 23 - default) for your output devices (and files). Remember, that decklink devices usually use UYVY chroma settings.
  3. Two new options were added to the General tab of the Setting dialog:
    1. “Log recording DEBUG messages” that may help you to find the problems during recording. All the logs are stored in the libvlc_recording.log file in the root folder of the program.
    2. “Do not show Caspar error again” will help you to remove or add Caspar’s error notification message boxes appearing.
  4. Midi tab of the Settings dialog now has one new button – Import. It will help you to import old midi settings from the old program versions.
  5. Two old elements were removed from the main program window. Now there is no need to choose the number of the recording streams (1 or 4). Program will calculate it by itself from your Input devices settings. And it needless to click “Recording” to see current stream in the Caspar’s output window. You’ll see it right in the program video players. Caspar will show only output data from now on.
  6. Video Library has only one but big improvement: it marks currently recording or the last recorded file with the red background. You’ll always know what file is being recorded now.
  7. There is one new button under the Video Library. It will help you to test all your input devices independently. Use it if you encounter any recording errors.
  8. OpenSloMo video players does not use Phonon backend anymore. So, you don’t need to find and install correct codecs for program to work. There will be a lot less problems before you’ll be able to start working now.
  9. Active angle is now marked not by an ACTIVE text but by red border. It’s more comfortable.
  10. Program will hide unnecessary angles from now on.
  11. Now you are able to reduce hard drives and CPU usage in multi channels recording case with double click on any of the player windows. It will mark this player as active, expand it and hide all other players.
  12. Program now saves slots to the DB. It will help you not to lose data if program fails some why.
  13. OpenSloMo was moved to QT 5.5, so it has a little bit different interface than before.
  14. F5 key now opens or reloads current or last recorded file.
  15. Ctrl + Left hotkey now reduces output speed, Ctrl + Right – increases it. This combination will help you to bind Left and Right keys to your Shuttle Pad devices to change current position of the video and to reduce/increase output speed with Ctrl + Shuttle Pad at the same time.

You may write your reviews and thoughts in the comments below or in it's forum page.

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