Tuesday, 11 November 2014 03:00

New client and fixed 2.0.7b4 server

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Today I uploaded a new version of Client and fixed Server.

Today I uploaded a new version of slow motion video software - OpenSloMo 0.4b client and fixed CasparCG 2.0.7b4 server.

This server version is the same as uploaded before with a fix of channel grid that set all streams in one row.

New OpenSloMo client is made for the new server commands and has 3 new features there:

  1. Now you may see the current active stream right in the stream's window. It is marked by "Active" label. So, even if you load some episode by the Load button, you'll see the current active player.
  2. You may choose the resolution of the recording video in the new "Recording video mode" switcher in "Add device" dialog.
  3. There was some troubles with the playback of an interlaced videos. Now you may choose 1080i mode in the same "Recording video mode" switcher to playback video smoothly with YADIF filter on.

As usual both of the client and server may be downloaded in the Downloads page.

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