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OpenSloMo 0.5b

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New version of OpenSloMo is ready.

New version of video slow motion software OpenSlomo 0.5b is ready and is uploaded to the Downloads page of the site. It has index 0.5b. I've spent a lot of time to made it more comfortable and stable. For that purpose I've added about 40 improvements. The most important are available in the list below. Try and let me know in the comments below or in the To-do page if it needs any fixes or improvements.

Here is a list of fixes and improvements of this version:

  • Added more resolutions for recording (PAL, 1080i, etc...)
  • Removed "Decklink output channel" field in the Settings dialog. Now program takes settings from CasparCG server directly. So, if you want to watch and ingest results to SDI, you have to add decklink and screen consumers into some channel of caspar.config. If you don't need to ingest results to SDI, you may add just a screen consumer, but program will tell you about it.
  • Added some checks of server's config file to find output screen and decklink channels and devices. If there is some problems to find it, program will alert it.
  • Fixed Fullscreen for to not adjust to a window size when user clicks on recording options.
  • Maximum value of main window's vertical size was enlarged for up to 1200px.
  • Program will show error in statusbar if there an incorrect values during saving to a slot.
  • Fixed saving and loading from a slot functions to work properly.
  • Added new range slider under the main player's slider for to see and change episodes start and end values.
  • Fixed the function of getting decklink producers list to record. There was a big problem, epecially for a single record option. Now it takes first devices for recording.
  • All elements of interface are not moveable now.
  • You may load an episode or change an input file to continue working even while something is going out.
  • Estimated time value and main output timer is now working correctly for non-50FPS files.
  • Total time value field was moved to the end of the main slider and half time value field was added.
  • Removed unnecessary commands for playing, pausing and stopping files directly from the library.
  • Added new button for clearing the output channel in the bottom part of the library.
  • Loaded from a slot file now becomes active in the library for to know what is loaded.
  • You may stop the going on output stream from slot's Stop! buttons now.
  • As I don't see any reason to work with multiple CasparCG slow motion servers simultaneously, I've removed unnecessary devices list from settings.
  • Players are now correctly adjust it's size after grid is turned off.
  • Fixed Save buttons activity bug while server is off.
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