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OpenSloMo 0.6RC and CasparCG 2.0.7M

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OpenSloMo 0.6RC and CasparCG 2.0.7M are ready.

New versions of free instant replay software (client OpenSloMo 0.6RC and it's server CasparCG 2.0.7M) are ready and are uploaded to the Downloads page. Server part is based on the latest and STABLE version of CasparCG while OpenSloMo was adopted to work with pad devices (I'm using Shuttle Pro pad) and to work with video while recording it. For this purpose I added a lot of new keys for such actions as fast rewind, fast forward, reload active file etc.. As usually you may see all the keys in the Help of the program. So, you just have to bind necessary keys to your shuttle pad, and you are ready to rock!

Here are the changes of new OpenSloMo:

  • added keys to change speed;
  • added keys to change active player;
  • added keys to rewind and fast forward;
  • added mouse wheel rotation action to move forward and back;
  • added key to Play/Stop players;
  • added keys to choose next or previous video file to open;
  • added key to reload current video (very usefull when you work with material while recording it);
  • added key to Start/Stop recording (but recording options must be chosen before);
  • video now is opened from it's end. It's more comfortable;
  • some fixes has been added to show video seeking and forwarding without blinking in most cases;
  • all interface elements are now always visible but are disabled if there is no need in it;
  • fixed synchro between players in grid mode;
  • removed stop players button (there is no need in it);
  • record and playback options are now splitted into different frames;
  • added some new checks and warnings.

I'll be glad to hear something from you in the comments below or in the To-do page of the site.

PS: I don't have enough time to add rewind function to the CasparCG server now, sorry. I'll try to do it later.
PPS: PAL and other resolutions has been already added to the OpenSloMo.

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